• Total running time 90min

Psychosis, a symptom of many severe mental health conditions, is shrouded in stigma and has often been misrepresented on the big screen. From Hitchcock’s Psycho to Joker, exaggerated narratives of violence compound stereotypes. But what can the experience of psychosis teach us about reality itself, and what other cultural roles could exist for ‘madness’ in society? Profiling the voices of those with lived experience, this evening will showcase a number of short films using creative techniques to explore the many sides of the mental health crisis – from the experience of hallucinations to the power of living in alternative worlds. How can art, and artists, represent the inner world of another person?

We are delighted to announce that the panellists for this event will be;

  • Fiona Malpass from Mind in Camden
  • May Abdalla of ANAGRAM
  • Olatunde Spence, an art psychotherapist who is also part of the Black Minds Matter UK Network
  • Peter Byrne from the Royal College of Psychiatrists Public Mental Health Implementation Centre

We will be screening the following films:
Being Jesus, directed by Mind Wick
Crooked Beauty, directed by Ken Paul Rosenthal
Inside, directed by Dolly Sen
Interloper, directed by Saskia Olde Wolbers