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Juan Antin’s authentic animated tale, about a Peruvian village during the time of the Incas, is the latest from Ernest and Celestine producer Didier Brunner.

Dir Juan Antin
Prod Damien Brunner, Didier Brunner, Olivier de Bannes, Pierre Urbain, Brice Garnier
Scr Juan Antin, Patricia Valeix, Olivier de Bannes, Nathalie Hertzberg
With Adam Moussamih, Charli Birdgenau, Vlastra Vrana
Sales SC Films International

16th-Century Peru is ruled over by the Inca empire. Its citizens are a superstitious people. They make offerings to Pachamama, the Earth Mother, and her gods in order to thank them for abundant crops and good weather. A visit from the greedy Inca tax collectors and the subsequent invasion by Spanish troops provides a compelling backdrop for this exciting animated adventure story, which focuses on fun-loving 10-year-old Tepulpai, who sets off to rescue the village’s precious golden statue from the Inca palace. With his friend, Naira and their llama companion, a David versus Goliath battle ensues. From Didier Brunner’s (Ernest and Celestine) new animation studio Folivari comes a well-researched, captivating and fun animated film that is geared towards the under-10s but has plenty to appeal to older audiences.

Justin Johnson

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Suitable for ages 6+.

Please note we will be screening the English version of this film so the subtitles will not be read out as listed in the LFF brochure.

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