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Monrovia, Indiana

This small town in Indiana, a traditionally Republican state, known as the Crossroads of America is subject to documentarian Frederick Wiseman’s treatment.

Dir-Prod Frederick Wiseman
Sales Zipporah Films

For his shortest film in seven years, Wiseman delves deep into the Hoosier state and settles his ever-attentive camera on a town that’s half an hour’s drive from its capital. We witness Monrovia’s residents going about their daily lives, performing their jobs in farms and shops, and holding group meetings to discuss ways to improve the community. Throughout, the planning commission discusses ways to expand the city, the impact of which will be significant. Monrovia, Indiana is an empathetic portrait of rural USA. Though sometimes overlooked, it makes up part of the country’s heartland. Now 88, Wiseman has once again delivered a masterful and rich contribution to our understanding of the fabric of US society, specifically a part of it which is often fictionalised around clichés, but portrayed here with candour and sharp observation.

Ana David

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