Anna Eborn’s dreamy documentary details six teenagers coming of age over the course of one year whilst marooned in Transnistra, a Soviet-style breakaway republic sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine.

Dir Anna Eborn
Prod David Herdies, Michael Krotkiewski
Sales CAT&Docs
With English subtitles

Five adolescent boys, Tolya, Sasha, Denis, Burulya and Dima, revolve around the charismatic and capricious Tanya, the lodestone of their little world. We watch as each youngster searches for identity, love and independence; their struggles and encounters with hope and disappointment play out in the largely rural landscape of their obscure homeland, first suffused in golden sunlight and then frozen in deep snow as the seasons turn. It’s all beautifully shot in hand-held 16mm by Eborn’s long-time cinematographer Virginie Surdej. Physically cut off from the outside world, but armed with mobile phones and Internet access, they dream of a life beyond the conservative nationalist reality of Transnistra. But how can they achieve it? And if the opportunity is there, who will dare take it?

Christine Bardsley

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