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Tell Me Who I Am

UK-based director Ed Perkins follows his Oscar-nominated documentary short Black Sheep with a potent and troubling exploration of trauma, identity and redemption.

Dir Ed Perkins
Prod Simon Chinn
UK Distribution Netflix

What if every memory that haunts you could be erased? What if something truly horrific had happened to you and the person who loves you most could wipe that from your mind? Would you want them to? This is the ethical dilemma that 18-year-old Marcus Lewis faced when his identical twin Alex awakened after a motorcycle accident and Marcus was the only person Alex recognised. With no memories at all, Alex relied entirely on his brother as he tried to understand who he was. Working from an autobiography by the twins, Perkins and the Lewis brothers craft a powerfully cinematic adaptation that helps the audience explore their incredible story and remarkable 35-year post-accident journey. It’s a profoundly moving examination of memory and trauma, personal responsibility and, ultimately, love.

Tricia Tuttle

Festival guests

These members of the filmmaking team are expected to attend the festival:

  • Ed Perkins, director; Simon Chinn, producer; Alex Lewis, special guest; Marcus Lewis, special guest.

See the full list of visiting festival guests. Please note that we can't guarantee guest attendance at any particular screening.

Additional information

This is a 18+ screening.

The screenings on Wednesday 9 and Sunday 13 October are accessible screenings for customers who are blind or partially-sighted. The film has an audio-description soundtrack, and headphones are available on request.

The screening on Sunday 13 October is an accessible screening for customers who are D/deaf or hard or hearing. The film has English language subtitles, including descriptions of non-dialogue audio.

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