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Special Presentations

Join us for our Documentary, Experimenta, BFI Flare, and more Special Presentations.

  • Bad Education

    Dir Cory Finley | USA

    A deliciously piquant pairing of Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney powers Cory Finley’s eagerly awaited follow-up to his explosive debut Thoroughbreds (LFF 2017).

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  • Blackbird

    Dir Roger Michell | USA

    A superb Susan Sarandon plays a mother spending a final few days with her husband and adult children in Roger Michell’s exquisite reworking of 2014 Danish drama Silent Heart.

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  • Bombay Rose

    Dir-Scr Gitanjali Rao | India-UK-France-Qatar

    This animated feature is both epic and personal, and a glorious love letter to life and love in Mumbai.

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  • Documentary Special Presentation

    The Cave (Syria)

    Dir Feras Fayyad | Syria

    Oscar-nominated Feras Fayyad’s (Last Men in Aleppo) essential film tells the harrowing story of an underground Syrian hospital and its extraordinary staff.

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  • First Love

    Dir Takashi Miike | Japan-UK

    A young boxer on the brink of death falls in love with a woman caught in the crossfire between yakuza and triad gangs in a fight over stolen drugs.

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  • Gösta

    Dir-Scr Lukas Moodysson | Sweden

    He is the best! Lukas Moodysson’s long-awaited return and first TV series is a loving satire about the nicest child psychologist in provincial Sweden.

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  • Experimenta Special Presentation

    Krabi, 2562

    Dir-Scr Ben Rivers, Anocha Suwichakornpong | UK-Thailand

    Observing locals and visitors creates a highly original portrait of the Thai tourist town of Krabi in this collaboration between award-winning directors Anocha Suwichakornpong and Ben Rivers.

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  • Archive Special Presentation

    Love, Life and Laughter

    Dir George Pearson | UK

    Lost for nearly a century, this rediscovery is a wonderful opportunity to fall under the spell of Betty Balfour, Britain’s ‘Queen of Happiness’.

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  • Our Ladies

    Dir Michael Caton-Jones | UK

    This infectious 1990s-set comedy drama finds six Catholic teenage choirgirls cutting loose in Edinburgh, in a loving adaptation of Alan Warner’s novel The Sopranos.

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  • BFI Flare Special Presentation

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Dir-Scr Céline Sciamma | France

    A female portrait painter falls in love with her subject in Girlhood director Céline Sciamma’s perfect new film.

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  • Rocks

    Dir Sarah Gavron | UK

    This is a vibrant and hugely engaging portrait of female friendship and growing up in London from director Sarah Gavron (Brick Lane, Suffragette) and writers Theresa Ikoko and Claire Wilson.

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