• Lead Artists

    Jakob Kudsk Steensen

  • France-USA-Denmark 2021. 18min

  • Language


Where to watch

6 to 17 October, 11AM to 9PM, in person at 26 Leake Street

The extraordinary landscape of the Camargue, in the South of France, provides the backdrop to the imaginative journey taken in Liminal Lands. It was commissioned by Luma Foundation, a new museum in Arles, and conceived by Steensen during an extensive residency there. He re-envisions complex shapes and forms as a transitional zone where fundamental energies of sun, wind, water and bacteria determine the delicate balance of life in one of the most archaic landscapes in Western Europe. Every sound, form and texture in these virtual environments has been digitized with 3D scanners and audio recordings, then crafted into the artist’s distinctive visual style. As both sound and vision respond to audience member’s motion, technology becomes a sensory tool for a ritualistic environmental experience.

Ulrich Schrauth

Age recommendation: U

Access information

Presented with closed captions and suitable for audiences who are D/deaf or hard of hearing.

  • Creator-Programmer-Artist

    Jakob Kudsk Steensen

  • Curator

    Vassilis Oikonomopolis

  • Co-Producer

    Liz Kircher

  • Sound Artist

    Matt McCorkle

  • Sound Technology

    Reese Donohue, Emre Tanirgan

  • HDRI Skylight Capture

    Matthieu Grospiron

  • Multiplayer Programming

    Wouter Weynants

  • Alembic 3D Art Animation

    Andy Thomas

  • Field Biologist

    Patrick Grillas

  • Commissioned by Luma Foundation

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