• Directors-Screenwriters

    Abba T Makama, C J ‘Fiery’ Obasi, Michael Omonua

  • Producer

    Oge Obasi

  • With

    Paul Utomi, Don Ekwuazi, Nengi Adoki

  • Nigeria-France 2021. 84min

  • Production company

    20 Pounds/Fiery Film

  • Language


    With English subtitles

This three-part anthology film, which explores juju (magical) stories rooted in the fabric of Nigerian culture, comes out of the Surreal 16 Collective, which was created to offer a more artistically-inclined alternative to the aesthetics of ‘Nollywood’. In Abba T Makama’s Yam, a street urchin’s life takes a strange turn when he picks up money from a sidewalk. Michael Omonua’s Love Potion finds an unmarried woman turning to juju to find the right partner. And in C J ‘Fiery’ Obasi’s Suffer the Witch a neighbourly friendship might be masking something much darker. Lustrously shot by Femi Awojide, these tales are playful and unsettling, offering a refreshing take on life in the Nigerian metropolis. Highlighting these filmmakers’ unique voices, Juju Stories is a bold and thrilling new step in Nigerian cinema.

Keith Shiri

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