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Female Filmmakers

A sample of female directorial talent offering exciting perspectives in international cinema.

Fancy something a little different? Our new Discovery Passes are designed to help you explore the hidden treasures in our programme. Carefully curated by our programmers, it’s a way of discovering the Festival treats you might have otherwise missed.

To make them extra-tempting, these films are available for the special price of three for £30. And as films sell out we will add new titles to the list.

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Feature films

  • Again Once Again

    Dir-Scr Romina Paula | Argentina

    Argentinian actor Romina Paula meditates on motherhood, identity and relationships in this enticing combo of real life and fiction.

    Read more about Again Once Again

  • Desrances

    Dir-Scr Apolline Traoré | Burkina Faso

    Civil war looms in Abidjan and relations begin to fray within a family in this tense and atmospheric thriller.

    Read more about Desrances

  • Heart

    Dir-Scr Ga-young Jeong | South Korea

    Fleabag meets Hong Sangsoo in this funny and savage film that stars its director, Ga-young Jeong, as a woman without boundaries.

    Read more about Heart

  • I Am (Not) a Monster

    Dir Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian | UK

    In this thought-provoking and playful documentary, ebullient director Nelly Ben Hayoun-Stépanian (Disaster Playground) takes you on a journey to find the origins of knowledge.

    Read more about I Am (Not) a Monster

  • Love Me Tender

    Dir Klaudia Reynicke | Switzerland

    Klaudia Reynicke’s second feature is a portrait of a rebellious young woman who must push her limits to gain freedom and independence.

    Read more about Love Me Tender

  • Made in Bangladesh

    Dir Rubaiyat Hossain | Bangladesh-France-Denmark-Portugal

    How do you learn to speak out when everyone expects you to be silent? In a Bangladeshi factory, a determined young woman discovers the possibilities of activism.

    Read more about Made in Bangladesh

  • Maternal

    Dir-Scr Maura Delpero | Italy-Argentina

    The notions of motherhood and the maternal care of a young girl are the focus of this powerful and poignant drama, set in a women’s refuge in Argentina.

    Read more about Maternal

  • Noura’s Dream

    Dir-Scr Hinde Boujemaa | Tunisia-Belgium-France-Qatar

    Noura and Lassad’s delicate love story turns into a nightmare when Noura’s husband Sofiane is unexpectedly released from prison, days before their divorce is finalised.

    Read more about Noura’s Dream

  • The Orphanage

    Dir-Scr Shahrbanoo Sadat | Denmark-Germany-France-Luxembourg-Afghanistan

    Caught selling black market cinema tickets, young Qodrat is sent to a Soviet orphanage where he daydreams himself into his favourite Bollywood films.

    Read more about The Orphanage

  • The Sharks

    Dir-Scr Lucía Garibaldi | Uruguay-Argentina-Spain

    An intriguing coming-of-age tale is presented through the allegorical prism of an environmental incident.

    Read more about The Sharks

  • Sister

    Dir Svetla Tsotsorkova | Bulgaria-Qatar

    A teenage girl’s habitual fantasies have unforeseen consequences in Svetla Tsotsorkova’s sensitive take on the apparently mundane lives of a mother and her two daughters.

    Read more about Sister

  • A Thief’s Daughter

    Dir Belén Funes | Spain

    An emotionally powerful drama from debut filmmaker Belén Funes, charts the trials and tribulations of a single mother with a singular sense of purpose.

    Read more about A Thief’s Daughter

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