• Lead Artist


  • UK 2021. 35min

  • Language


6 to 17 October, 11AM to 7PM, National Theatre

What if you could only listen, feel and touch? Your sensual perception would rapidly become more intense, your inner vision would take control of your imagination. A new reality would be formed, taking you on a journey defined by the images you conjure up. Acclaimed UK-based company Darkfield have mastered this sensual experience like no other and have successfully toured a variety of immersive performances around the world. Enveloping its audience in complete darkness, a sensation that the claustraphobic may find unsettling, Eulogy captivates as it unfurls in and around a labyrinthine, dream-like hotel.

Ulrich Schrauth

Age recommendation: 15+

This performance takes place in complete darkness and may not be suitable for visitors with claustrophobia.

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  • Directors

    David Rosenberg, Glen Neath

  • Writer

    Glen Neath

  • Sound and Tech

    David Rosenberg

  • Creative Producer

    Victoria Eyton

  • Production Manager

    Stuart Heyes

  • Production Coordinator

    Sara Codrington

  • Creative Technologist

    Michele Panegrossi

  • Graphic Designer

    Alex Purcell

  • With

    Noa Bodner, Christopher Brett Bailey, Sonya Selva, Brandon Burke, Rodrig Andrison, Dorothea Jones, Mélusine Lenoir, Nigel Barrett

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