• Lead Artists

    ScanLAB Projects and Lundahl and Seitl

  • Production Companies

    ScanLAB Projects, Lundahl and Seitl, STRP Festival of Art and Technology

  • UK-Sweden 2019. 20min

  • Language


Where to watch

6 to 17 October, 11AM to 9PM, in person at 26 Leake Street

The immersive performance unfolds within a visually striking exhibition space. The staging gives a fragmented impression of the hidden virtual space that appear inside the headset. With the visitor’s body and senses as active medium, triggered through VR, hyperconnected objects and the unseen touch of a performer, the artwork reveals how memory allows for a string of data to be passed through matter, across time. From Earth’s deep past through to its post-anthropocene future, the surface of the earth is tightly connected with the living, and life with conscious experience. In its entirety, this work explores the collective memory and experiences we pass on through generations: what to fear, what to value, how to live, how to care for the world of tomorrow… Each of which is more vital than ever.

Ulrich Schrauth

Age recommendation: 15+

This performance involves physical interaction with the artist. Please speak to a member of staff to discuss any accommodations we can make.

  • Creators

    ScanLAB Projects, Lundahl and Seitl

  • Script collaboration

    Malin Zimm

  • Dramaturge

    Rachel Alexander

  • Producer

    Emma Ward

  • ScanLAB Projects

    Matt Shaw, Max Čelar, Soma Sato, Manuela Mesrie, Reuben Carter, Jacques Pillet, Will Trossell, Dorka Makai, Emilia Clark

  • Pianist

    Cassie Yukawa-McBurney

  • With

    Pia Nordin, Rachel Alexander, Sara Lindström, Lena Kimming, Helena Lambert, Laura Hemming-Lowe, Catherine Hoffmann, Christine Sollie 

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