• Lead Artists

    Meghna Singh, Simon Wood

  • South Africa 2021. 20min

  • Language

    English, Macua

Where to watch

6 to 17 October, 11AM to 9PM, in person at 26 Leake Street

6 to 17 October, virtually at The Expanse, available for free internationally

Container, a 180-degree film from South Africa, makes us aware of the lives of the invisible millions that continue to be enslaved through modern-day feudalism. How would you define slavery? A lack of freedom, unbearable working conditions, social inequality and moral injustice? All these attributes still apply to the situation that millions of people, mostly labourers from developing countries, still find themselves in. This film takes us on a journey through the myriad forms of economic slavery, via the spread of capitalism around the world, which has increased the hunger for cheap goods and led to mega cities filled with ‘invisible’ workers forced into economic and domestic servitude. Humans as commodities – people as products – is the very definition of slavery. And this situation is only multiplying…

Ulrich Schrauth

Age recommendation: 15+

Contains scenes of racism and violence

  • Director

    Meghna Singh, Simon Wood

  • Production Company


  • Cinematographer

    Michael Carter

  • Music

    Shane Cooper

  • Sound

    James Oliver

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