• Lead Artist

    Hanna Haaslahti

  • Finland-Germany 2021.

  • Language


Where to watch

6 to 17 October, 11AM to 9PM, in person at 26 Leake Street

Ever witnessed the behaviour of a mob on the brink of violence – the social patterns of aggression, defence and indifference? Finnish artist Hanna Haaslahti and German VR studio Highroadstories have taken these disturbing social patterns as a starting point for their digital art installation Captured. In this participatory experience, your virtual likeness is digitally recreated by means of a volumetric photo of your face and unclasped into an unsettling march by a virtual crowd. Your avatar will take on different roles in an AI-generated virtual simulation where individual freedom is taken over by collective instincts, leaving you with zero agency to control your own actions. Which role will you take on? The bully, the target or the bystander? And what does it say about your primal instincts in watching aggressive social behaviour?

Ulrich Schrauth

Age recommendation: 18+

Contains scenes of violence

Access information

Presented with closed captions and suitable for audiences who are D/deaf or hard of hearing.

  • Lead Developers

    Tyler Henry, Alap Parikh, Mike Robbins

  • Additional Programming

    Thomas Carlsson, Gomathi Shankar

  • Motion Capture Actors

    Marc Gassot, Vilma Melasniemi

  • Sound Design

    Phivos-Angelos Kollias

    Song "Hello World" written and performed by Jamie Perera

  • Capture Station Design and Construction

    Panu Heikkilä

  • Technical Assistant

    Jari Lehtinen

  • Production Assistance

    Sanna Kultanen

  • Producer

    Marko Tandefelt

  • Co-Producer

    Harmke Heezen

  • Executive Producer

    Hanna Haaslahti

  • Production Companies

    Fantomatico, High Road Stories+

  • International Distribution

    Diversion cinema. With the Support of Finnish Film Foundation, Nordisk Kulturfond, AVEK, YLE, CPH:LAB, VRHAM!, Prins Claus Fund, Quicksand Studio

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