Again Once Again

De nuevo otra vez

Argentinian actor Romina Paula meditates on motherhood, identity and relationships in this enticing combo of real life and fiction.

Dir-Scr Romina Paula
Prod Diego Dubcovsky
With Romina Paula, Mónica Rank, Ramón Cohen
Sales Compañía de Cine
With English subtitles

‘Is this a break up or is this a holiday? Probably both,’ ponders Paula on the phone to her best friend. Playing a version of herself, she takes a break from her boyfriend in Cordoba to stay in Buenos Aires with her actual mum and three-year-old son Ramon. Trying to figure out who she is after three years of all-consuming love for her boy, along with a demanding relationship, she hangs out with old friends, discovers the thrilling possibilities of a new love and reflects on her German heritage. Playfully pushing form, Again Once Again is a deliciously inventive debut feature – bluntly honest and deeply personal, but also a relatable examination of the often overwhelming experience of being a woman, a lover and a mother.

Laure Bonville