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Glitter Slush Neon Cake

Unicorns to the fore in these magical, hyperreal depictions of queer youth.

Jay Bernard

Total running time 86 mins

The Ballad of Ella Plummhoff

Die ballad von Ella Plummhoff

Ella has done badly at school so must spend the rest of the summer having remedial classes with a tiny, smart-ass lesbian several years her junior and who dresses like a Victorian maid. Yay!

The Ballad of Ella Plumhoff

Director Barbara Kronenberg
Germany 2015
28 mins

Floozy Suzy

Vagabunda de meia tigela

So there’s a legendary book of magic hidden in the library and you’re just gonna pop down and use it to cast a spell on your classmates – because that’s a flawless plan!

Director Otavio Chamorro
Brazil 2015
24 mins

Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush

17-year-old Micha has just moved into The Palace – a basement full of queer femme sex workers, lovers and misfits. They are beautiful, carefree and as young as the night.

Lucid Noon, Sunset Blush

Director Alli Logout
USA 2014
32 mins

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