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As he nears the end of his prison sentence, Issa forms an unexpected connection with a new inmate.

  • Director

    Josza Anjembe

  • Producer

    Nelson Ghrénassia

  • France 2019. 20min


Every Sunday, Kamble goes to the barber shop. But it’s not his hair he’s thinking of, it’s the guy who cuts it.

  • Director

    Arun Fulara

  • Producers

    Arun Fulara, Darshana Binakar, Rangoli Agarwal, Pooja Chauhan

  • India 2020. 10min

Coin Slot

A young man struggles to keep it together as the anniversary of a traumatic attacks looms ever closer.

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Scott Jones

  • Producer

    Alyson Kelly

  • Canada 2021. 16min


When their car breaks down on the way to the airport, a father and son are forced to do something they haven’t done for a while – talk.

  • Director-Producer-Screenwriter

    Saleh Saadi

  • Palestine 2020. 15min


In the isolated countryside, a queer stable hand struggles to find a sense of self-acceptance and belonging.

  • Director-Producer-Screenwriter

    Rory Fleck Byrne

  • Ireland-UK 2021. 15min


A Syrian crane operator working in Beirut finds a moment of personal liberation in the most unlikely of places.

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Dania Bdeir

  • Producer

    Coralie Dias

  • Lebanon-France 2021. 16min

Makassar is a City for Football Fans

Akbar has to play it straight to fit in with his macho friends. But how much longer can he keep living a lie?

  • Director-Screenwriter

    Khozy Rizal

  • Producers

    John Badalu, Bruno Smadja, Khozy Rizal

  • Indonesia 2021. 20min

Total running time 112 minutes

Michael Blyth

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